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Research on Sports Attitude of College Sports Students under the Background of Supply-side Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.062


Xianpeng Dai

Corresponding Author

Xianpeng Dai


With the deepening of supply-side reform, colleges and universities should adapt to the current economic regulation environment in the teaching of physical education, and help students understand sports correctly. The power supply side is to change the supply direction from the demand. The physical education in colleges and universities should also start from the needs of students to improve the quality of teaching. Physical education is an important content in higher education and plays an important role in the reform of university education. From the point of view of supply-side reform and development, we should carry out the teaching of physical education specialty in colleges and universities, optimize the educational structure, guide students to learn sports knowledge with correct attitude, master sports technology, and realize the goal of reforming physical education in colleges and universities. This thesis focuses on the research of sports attitude of sports students in colleges and universities under the background of supply-side reform.


Supply-Side Reform Background; College Sports Major; Students; Sports Attitude