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A Study on Quality Management of Teacher Training in Pre-school Education System

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.058


Lifang Fu

Corresponding Author

Lifang Fu


Preschool education occupies a very important position in the current education system of our country and is the foundation of quality education, and teachers' professional accomplishment refers to the moral character and ability that teachers should have in guiding students' study and life. In today's teaching system, teachers, as the main body of teaching, have a great influence on students' learning. If a teacher's professional accomplishment is not qualified, the students under the teacher can not get a good education. Therefore, in preschool education, we must pay attention to the teacher training of preschool teachers.This paper discusses how to improve the comprehensive ability of preschool teachers, hoping to give some reference to the industry when exploring ways to improve the professional quality of preschool teachers.


Preschool Education; Teacher Training; Quality of Education