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The Early Integration of Art Classroom Teaching and Information Technology in Primary and Middle Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.041


Xiaoli Liu, Guoqun Guo

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Liu


With the continuous progress of the times, the education industry has paid more and more attention to the all-round development of students' moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic. Information technology is more and more widely used in primary and secondary school classroom teaching, the application of information technology is not only in line with the educational concept of art teaching, but also an important tool to improve the efficiency of art teaching in primary and secondary schools. Art course, as a humanities subject, has the characteristics of strong intuition, wide coverage of knowledge and cultivation of imagination, so we should pay proper attention to this subject. In classroom teaching, we should integrate information technology with art teaching resources, fully use information technology to organize teaching activities, improve students' professional quality of art, and rationally use information technology teaching means to optimize art classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools, so as to cultivate students' aesthetic value, imagination, creativity and inquiry spirit.


Art Classroom; Information Technology; Resource Integration