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A Study on the Teaching Mode of Chinese Higher Vocational English Culture from the Perspective of Multicultural Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.040


Haiying Dai

Corresponding Author

Haiying Dai


In the contemporary environment, the trend of economic globalization is becoming more and more obvious. In order to be able to adapt to the growing international culture and interpersonal communication, a good foundation of English and excellent multicultural communication skills are essential, is a necessary language skills for contemporary students. But at present, many higher vocational English classroom teaching in China has not kept up with the development of the times, and still stays in the teaching stage of simple students' English theory knowledge, and lacks the training of practical English cross-cultural communication ability. By analyzing the existing problems in English teaching in higher vocational colleges, this paper puts forward some suggestions and improvement plans on how to improve the teaching of cross-cultural communication ability in teaching, hoping to help improve English teaching in higher vocational colleges.


Multiculturalism; Higher Vocational English; Teaching Mode