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Exploration and Practice of Interactive Teaching Method in Agrometeorology Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.038


Renye Wu, Songliang Wang, Xin Deng, Min Jiang

Corresponding Author

Min Jiang


High-quality undergraduate teaching urgently needs in-depth reform of the classroom. The interactive teaching mode is the most fundamental and classic mode of education. In order to explore the impact of the interactive teaching model on agrometeorology teaching, this article compares and analyzes the results of the interactive teaching model and the traditional teaching model, and conducts a questionnaire survey on the recognition of the two teaching modes. It was found that the final paper scores and overall evaluation scores under the interactive teaching mode were higher than those in the traditional classroom teaching mode; six accreditation evaluation indicators for teaching mode of the teaching organization form, the teaching interaction between teachers and students, the mutual assistance and collaboration between students, the teaching enlightenment for thinking, improving the ability of thinking in the classroom and cultivating a positive attitude to learning, more than 80% of students are positive about interactive teaching and are very satisfied. High-quality education requires high-quality classroom support, and the interactive teaching of teachers and students has its unique advantages in stimulating students to actively build knowledge, develop creative thinking, and cultivate high-quality talents with innovative capabilities and international vision.


Interactive Teaching; Teaching Mode; Teaching Quality; Agrometeorology