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Research on the Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in the Practical Teaching of Railway Crime Scene Investigation

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.029


Xin Cai

Corresponding Author

Xin Cai


Virtual reality technology is mainly used to simulate human experience in natural environment, including vision, hearing, dynamic and other behaviors. It is an advanced human-computer interaction technology. In China, this technology has been used for field investigation and research. Virtual reality technology not only solves the situation of simulation distortion and incomplete content in the past teaching, but also solves a series of problems such as lack of time and incorrect evaluation. After our careful design, it is divided into four steps: background, environment, dynamic and interaction. Virtual reality technology can be applied to field investigation and training education[1]. VR technology application, and reasonably capture the role of this cutting-edge technology, actively carry out new functions, simulate the reality of technology improvement, this technology, all applicable objects to prevent secret leakage, set safe countermeasures. Emergencies.


Virtual Reality Technology; Field Exploration; Practical Teaching; Application Analysis