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A Study on the Path of Mental Health Education for College Students from the Perspective of Social Network

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.027


Liang Yan, Yuqing Tan

Corresponding Author

Liang Yan


Social network is one of the most important components of human society today, which can fully reflect the personality characteristics of individuals and predict the mental health of individuals. Taking the college students' community interaction network for example, the results show that because the time effect and the event effect are obvious in the emotion index transmitted by the blog log, if the college students write the blog log frequently, or participate actively in the online interaction, then the mental health level can be improved to a certain extent. Based on this, this article will take the social network as the angle, carries on the research to the university student's mental health education path, in order to achieve the enhancement university student's mental health level effect.


Social Network; College Students; Mental Health Education