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On the Interaction between Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.017


He Chen

Corresponding Author

He Chen


This is an era of attaching great importance to the ability of foreign language learning, and any person eager to make great achievements in this era should have the consciousness of learning one more language. In other words, strong foreign language learning ability is an extremely important quality that students in the 21st century should have. It is also a topic worthy of deep analysis that foreign language teachers should carry out foreign language teaching well under the condition that everyone attaches importance to foreign language learning. When teachers understand the theory of second language acquisition, they must be able to create a new growth point in the teaching process, so that students' foreign language learning ability can be effectively improved, and their own foreign language teaching ability can also achieve a breakthrough.


Second Language Acquisition; Teaching Methods; Foreign Language Teaching; Interaction; Influence Discussion