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Aesthetic education as a method to cultivate high competent talents-Talking briefly about the necessity of offering music appreciation class

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.014


Xia liao

Corresponding Author

Xia liao


This article briefly expounds the great significance of music aesthetic education to the cultivation of students' competence from three aspects: positive effect on students' intelligence, learning capability and emotion. The music appreciation course, as a battlefield and method, can help to implement aesthetic education. A well-developed music appreciation course is essential to improve students’ music aesthetic competence, assist and promote the formation of other abilities, and cultivate generations of talents with comprehensive competence in ethics, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics and work. That is the necessity of offering a "music appreciation class". But how to improve students' music appreciation competence and make them become high competent talents?How to make out a good music appreciation class? The second half of the article will make simple research which starts from the teachers and students, and then to the aspects of hobbies, music forms and emotional experience.


Aesthetic education; emotional effect; music appreciation class