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The Role of Happy Pe Classes in School Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.005


Chengliang Zhang, Shiqing Li, Hui YANG, FuBin Dai

Corresponding Author

Shiqing Li


Happy PE classes refer to that in the process of physical education teaching, teachers need to take students as the center, properly guide students to participate in sports, let them feel the fun of sports, cultivate students' interests and hobbies, and help them establish the sports spirit of lifelong sports. In the teaching mode of happy physical education, teachers should pay attention to the cultivation of students' autonomy and innovation consciousness, encourage students to actively carry out exploration activities, jointly improve their level of sports competition with teachers while absorbing teaching knowledge, promote the improvement of students' physical quality, professional skills and other aspects of quality, improve teaching efficiency, and meet the education requirements under the new curriculum reform.


Happy pe classes; School physical education; Role