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Research on the High-Quality Development of Western Agricultural University in China from the Perspective of “One Belt One Road”

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.002


Kedong Wang

Corresponding Author

Kedong Wang


Under the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative, promoting the internationalization of higher education is the demand of the times for the reform of Chinese universities. In the “Belt and Road” broad cooperation field, agriculture is the main industry of the countries along the route, and international cooperation in agriculture is the common aspiration of the countries along the route. The required human resources, scientific and technological achievements and cultural exchanges provide important development opportunities for Western China Agricultural University. These universities should actively meet the needs of talents, science and technology, and humanities cooperation, provide effective talents and science and technology supplies, and truly serve the modern agricultural development of the countries along the “Belt and Road”.


One belt one road; Western china agricultural university; Internationalization