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Study on the Positive Solution of Integral Boundary Value Range of Fractional Differential Equation

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.171


Long Wang

Corresponding Author

Long Wang


In the past few decades, the research on fractional differential theory has developed rapidly all over the world. More and more fractional differential equations are used to describe the problems related to mathematical anomalous diffusion, high energy physics, system control, optical and thermal system research, bioengineering and other application fields. The relevant literature around this key academic content is also very much. In this paper, we hope to make a deep research and use the legette Williams fixed point theorem, which is widely used at present, to analyze the solution method of integral positive solution of fractional differential equation with integral boundary value range basic condition and the existence result problem of positive solution, and to verify the validity of the result with the case calculation process.


Fractional Differential Equation, Integral Boundary Value Range, Positive Solution, Existence Result, Case Analysis