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An Algorithm for Automatic Location of Multi-Source Data in Wireless Sensor Networks

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.166


Zhao Long

Corresponding Author

Zhao Long


Wireless sensor network is regarded as one of the top ten new technologies in the world. It has been widely concerned from every step of life. Sound source location is one of the important applications of disaster relief, including sound source location, gas pollution source location, fire and earthquake disaster. At present, the research at home and abroad mainly focuses on single source localization, and the source and target are mainly in the form of multi-source. Therefore, the implementation of multi-source localization research is very practical and important. Multi source localization is a difficult problem. This paper focuses on energy based multi-source, fire localization algorithm, sensor node deployment and node selection strategy.


Wireless Sensor Network, Sound Source Location Node, Deployment Node