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Study on the Extraction of Effective Information from Cerebrovascular Image by Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.161


Wang Yuncheng

Corresponding Author

Wang Yuncheng


In recent years, artificial intelligence has become a research hotspot in academia and industry, and it has been widely used in medicine and other fields. The latest research and application progress of artificial intelligence in biomedical image field, including the most cutting-edge direction of intelligent imaging equipment, intelligent image processing and analysis, focuses on the combination of medical image and natural language processing. This paper analyzes the importance and possibility of the research and development of the whole chain artificial intelligence technology, and explains the innovation work in the important direction of the academic and industrial circles. The research of artificial intelligence in the field of medical image is still in its infancy. The combination of artificial intelligence and medical image will become a long-term international research hotspot.


Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Analysis, Characteristics of Cerebrovascular Imaging