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Study on the Legalization of Higher Vocational Students' Management from the Perspective of Running the School by Law

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.158


Shi Yongfeng

Corresponding Author

Shi Yongfeng


This paper analyzes the legal significance of Chinese colleges and universities in student management. In order to promote and promote the strategic choice of ruling the country according to law, it is inevitable to adapt to the inevitable trend of social development. It is necessary to advocate the urgency of legal domination and existing laws and regulations in the student management of colleges and universities, and formulate improvement suggestions for the legal domination of administrators and students Consciousness, strengthen the concept of student management change, and establish student oriented methods. An investigation on the current situation of the legalization of student management in Colleges and universities.


Governing the School by Law, Student Management, Student-Oriented, Legalization