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Research on the Optimization of PID Controller Parameters Based on Teaching and Learning Optimization Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.157


Lu Weifeng

Corresponding Author

Lu Weifeng


The parameter adjustment of PID controller is to determine the best value of three parameter spaces, and the control performance of the system is the best. The education and learning optimization algorithm is a new smart optimization algorithm. In order to strengthen the parameter tuning of PID controller and realize the parameter optimization of PID controller, a self-adjusting method of PID controller parameters is proposed. In order to implement the simulation example using MATLAB, particle swarm optimization algorithm and genetic algorithm based PID parameter adjustment method are compared, the method is simple and high accuracy, PID controller parameter self adjustment, can be quickly and effectively realized.


Teaching and Learning Optimization Algorithm, PID Controller, Parameter Self-Tuning