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Optimization and Realization of Decision Mechanism of Library in Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.151


He Zongliang

Corresponding Author

He Zongliang


The former rear education decision-making mechanism can not meet the requirements of the times. With the emergence of big data technology, the development of educational decision-making mechanism is flooding into new opportunities. Big data is a method for decision-makers to grasp decision-making information timely and accurately, and problems found in complex environment. In order to solve the possible comprehensive guidance of decision-makers, it can provide educational decision-making to promote standardization and scientization. At the same time, promote the continuous optimization of educational decision-making mechanism. Among them, the dilemma faced by today's education decision-making mechanism is analyzed. From the perspective of big data, the optimization of education decision-making mechanism provides several programs, the optimization of education decision-making mechanism, and the implementation path of several proposals for promoting big data.


Big Data, Education Decision-Making Mechanism, Optimization, Implementation Path