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Aerodynamic Simulation and Optimization Design of Vehicle External Flow Field Based on Fluent

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.146


Yuan Lei, Ran Junjun

Corresponding Author

Yuan Lei


Based on the vehicle parameters, the three-dimensional models of the body and wind tunnel are established and meshed, and the finite element model of the body aerodynamics is established. The K - ε turbulence model is used, and the coupling solver is used to simulate the flow field of the body, and the structural performance parameters that affect the flow field of the body are obtained. The structural factors that affect the aerodynamic changes of the body are simulated Based on the analysis, the aerodynamic modeling of the original car body model is optimized. The simulation analysis of the improved car body shows that the aerodynamic drag and the aerodynamic lift are reduced, which verifies the effectiveness of the improved method and provides a new reference method for the optimization research of the car body.


Outflow Field, Air Lift, Automobile Body, Aerodynamic Performance