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Design and Implementation of Metadata Management Model in Cloud Computing Business Intelligence Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.144


Zhao Lixia, Jin Wei

Corresponding Author

Zhao Lixia


With the development of information technology, the data of enterprises continue to increase, and the business logic becomes more and more complex. The existing BI system is difficult to meet the performance requirements of enterprises. If the demand determines the market, if they are close to the market demand, BI system can develop rapidly. By combining the advantages of Bi and AAS, we can reduce the comprehensive development of bill PAAS platform, reduce the difficulty of BI system development, and improve the performance of Bi processing. But all is opposition and unity. At present, the bill PAAS platform also has some problems to be solved. For example, due to the different metadata definitions of the respective premiere tools, the lack of standardized unified mechanism of the premiere when unifying the pass platform functions will bring obstacles to the developers' business, and sometimes code will appear in the tool part of the envelope part.


Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Metadata, Data Model