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Improvement of Corrupt Path Recovery Algorithm in Software Network

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.143


Wang Junhai, Li Tianxiang

Corresponding Author

Li Tianxiang


The traces of computer use include the operation records and criminal evidence of computer users. Extracting and recovering these data is an important part of the computer investigation and verification process. Based on the analysis of Windows Platform file system, a network trace recovery algorithm based on the minimum content feature is proposed, which is used to recover and extract the online records of computer users. This algorithm is based on the characteristics of the smallest element content source of index.dat file, how to match the network information and decide whether to extract. The experimental results show that all the remaining data can be recovered, USCIS can be set immediately, then split, split or re install the system, and the field of computer information forensics can play a huge role.


Data Security, Path Recovery, Algorithm Improvement