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A Study on the Development and Quality Improvement of Enterprise Accounting Informatization under the + of Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.141


Sun Xuemei

Corresponding Author

Sun Xuemei


This article mainly focuses on the research of enterprise accounting informatization development and quality improvement under the background of Internet +. At present, the economic competition in our country is fierce, and the economic system reform is becoming more and more hot, which not only creates new business opportunities and challenges for the development of state-owned enterprises, but also brings some difficulties. This paper will analyze the main problems and reasons of scientific research management from many angles and levels, and provide some solutions according to these reasons, so as to achieve the main purpose of innovation for the future development of state-owned enterprises. At present, the innovation of scientific research management in our country is very important in the current wave of economic reform. A good strategy of political work management can not only create a good corporate culture for enterprises, solve internal contradictions, but also stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to work, and provide a good corporate culture environment for the healthy and steady development of enterprises. In order to break through the current dilemma of political work, internal management personnel should keep pace with the times, meet the development needs of the current situation, do a good job in the reform of internal political work, create a positive and healthy corporate culture, ensure a good ideological and political atmosphere of enterprises, effectively integrate them with the production economy of enterprises, and provide a more safe and reliable environment for the development of enterprises.


Internet Background, Accounting Informatization, Quality Improvement