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Application of Embedded Real-time Software in Computer Software Design

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.138


Zhang Haoyu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Haoyu


With the upsurge of information network technology revolution, the Internet is popularized all over the world, the information network technology revolution makes people completely in the network world, the whole world can be connected instantly through the Internet as a medium, and the cost of interpersonal communication is decreasing day by day. With the increasing investment in science and technology in China, the embedded software structure has been greatly developed, and it has also become a topic of discussion in information technology. But the times are changing with each passing day, and for the development of a technology, there are new challenges every moment. At present, embedded real-time software has been widely used in computer software design, which greatly optimizes the running environment of computer software, improves the performance of computer, and also provides convenience for many users. This paper aims at the application of embedded real-time software in computer software design, analyzes the benefits of embedded real-time software to computer software design, and then sets out the connection between the two, and puts forward suggestions for subsequent development, so that the combination of the two can be further optimized to input new blood for computer software design.


Embedded Real-Time Software, Computer Software Design, Application