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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Post-disaster Reconstruction

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.137


Wang Mei

Corresponding Author

Wang Mei


With the development of modern science and technology, the prediction and treatment methods to deal with natural disasters have developed in various fields. But the process of human civilization is accelerating, natural disasters are also escalating, the damage caused by a single natural disaster is expanding, the role of a single method in the face of large disasters is limited, and how to quickly rebuild and keep up with the pace of economic development in the short period of time after the occurrence of natural disasters is a subject facing every country today. Fortunately, the era has pushed virtual reality technology to our front, this technology in many industries have great achievements, and with the further development of technology, its application is wider, the field is deeper, also provides a new idea for post-disaster reconstruction. This paper takes virtual reality technology as the object, discusses the function of this technology in post-disaster reconstruction and how to use it to serve post-disaster reconstruction. In order to be able to deal with similar situations in the future, there are useful lessons to learn from.


Virtual Reality Technology, Post-Disaster Reconstruction, Application