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Problems and Trends in Computer Applications

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.134


Zhang Li, Wei Hongchang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Li


With the acceleration of the global economic process, information technology has also been rapidly innovated, and it can be seen in various industries. At the same time, the application of computer technology also accelerates the rapid upgrading and optimization of the industry, which not only improves the level of enterprise informatization, but also provides a professional management system for it. With the development of the times, people put forward higher requirements for computer application technology, so computer application technology should keep pace with the times, constantly study its new application direction and trend, and provide enough power for the development of national economy. Therefore, according to the connotation of computer application technology, this paper analyzes the current situation of computer application technology, and analyzes the development trend of computer application technology, in order to promote the development of computer application technology.


Computer Application Technology, Development Status, Countermeasures, Trends