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Application of Laser Sensor in Intelligent Control

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.133


Cui Juan, Cao Gaofei, Li Peixin, Song Jia

Corresponding Author

Cui Juan


In order to make better use of intelligent control system to realize energy saving function, it is necessary to design a system which combines laser sensor with intelligent control. We first design the hardware structure of the system and then design the overall structure, and the infrared transceiver module and other modules are given out, the system is controlled by a 32-bit processor. The intelligent module is used to realize energy saving control, and the related control is carried out by laser sensing signal to ensure the stability of the system. Through a series of experimental results, we design the system to run very well, the performance is also good, the accuracy of intelligent control is high, and the effect is good.


Laser Sensing, Intelligent Control, Application