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Application of Information System Integration and Analysis in Medical Image Data Mining

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.129


Fang Shengji

Corresponding Author

Fang Shengji


With the rapid growth of our national economy, the development of computer information system integration industry has been further promoted. In the process of medical development in our country, project management, as a key work, has higher and higher requirements. It has driven a series of related industries to step into the information management era. Hospitals have also grasped this opportunity and promoted the continuous development and perfection of the information system they are building. How to make full use of these precious medical information resources to provide scientific decision-making and basis for the auxiliary diagnosis and treatment of diseases has become a hot topic. This paper introduces the basic theory of information system integration and analysis technology and its analysis and research process, and expounds its application in medical image data mining in detail.


Information System Integration, Medical Images, Data Mining