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Design of Medical Image Database Management System Based on Information System Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.128


Fang Shengji

Corresponding Author

Fang Shengji


Medical image database is a database technology that supports effective storage, transmission, retrieval and management of medical image data based on image database, image processing, computer network technology and medical knowledge. Medical image database technology is a very practical database technology oriented to specific fields of medical images. In order to improve the intelligence of the video surveillance system and reduce the recognition error caused by personnel participation, it is very necessary to introduce intelligent recognition technology of computer graphics. Building a database system based on information system integration can not only provide a lot of data for medical research, but also has great use in teaching. Medical image data is playing an important role in clinical diagnosis, teaching and research. This paper discusses the medical image and its clinical application, the development of content-based image retrieval technology, the management and application of medical image database.


Medical Images, Database, Information System Integration