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Research on the Optimization Model of Enterprise Marketing Management

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.125


Xiaohao Mo,Kunxiong Mo, Xiaoxi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaohao Mo


In contemporary society, people's production and life style have changed greatly, and the development of network enables people to obtain effective information in time. Under the background of Internet, e-commerce marketing is the most prominent means, which brings many conveniences to the development of enterprises and improves their economic benefits. The development of e-commerce not only makes consumers change from passive to active, and enhances the autonomy of choosing goods, but also shortens the distance between enterprises and consumers, reduces the marketing cost of enterprises and improves the marketing efficiency. E-commerce can carry out a series of activities such as product design, pricing and promotion according to the computer communication system and online network, which can effectively meet the needs of customers and achieve the purpose of product promotion. Based on e-commerce, optimizing and integrating marketing strategies is an inevitable choice for enterprises to comply with the requirements of market development.


Big Data, E-commerce, Marketing Strategy, Optimization