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Research on Financial Management Mode of E-commerce Enterprises from the Perspective of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.124


Kunxiong Mo,Junbin Mo, Xiaohao Mo, Xiaoxi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Kunxiong Mo


The era of big data has gradually penetrated into all aspects of social economy, which has a profound impact on the development of enterprises. As a new economic form, big data is still in the initial stage, and is constantly being integrated into major economic fields. In the era of big data, the traditional enterprise financial management model has not adapted to the economic development, so it is necessary to constantly promote the transformation of enterprise financial management. In the management of enterprises, analysis and interpretation of data are indispensable, so the most scientific and comprehensive data in enterprise information comes from the data analyzed by the financial department. In order to adapt to the economic development mode with the background of e-commerce, the financial management of e-commerce enterprises is facing great pressure of reform. Starting from the characteristics of e-commerce enterprises in the era of big data, this paper analyzes the problems existing in financial management of e-commerce enterprises, and puts forward relevant measures to improve the financial management level of e-commerce enterprises.


Big Data, Financial Management, Electronic Commerce