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Research on Optimization of Emergency Communication Transmission Mode in Mobile Communication System

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.122


Zhou Li, Wang Sai, Zhao Xingna

Corresponding Author

Zhou Li


In this paper, the optimization of emergency communication transmission mode in mobile communication system is discussed. Through multi-mode selective coupling or dynamic switching of SISO mode, MIMO mode and mixed mode, the anti-interference ability and emergency communication ability of mine mobile communication system are realized. After all the equipment is cut off and the network is destroyed after the disaster, it can be carried by the rescue team members and deployed quickly, which can realize the normal transmission of real-time video, wireless communication, personnel positioning, safety monitoring and other data, thus solving the problems of communication interruption, underground real-time environmental status and unclear rescue situation after the disaster that could not be overcome in the past. Adapt to the fast and convenient transmission of video, image, voice and data services needed in emergency rescue.


Mobile Communication, Emergency Communication Transmission, Optimization