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Design and Implementation of Electrical Control System for Trackless Machine Tool

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.121


Pei Yongqing, Cheng Hang

Corresponding Author

Pei Yongqing


With the rapid development of computer technology and microelectronics technology, the automation level of trackless machine tools has been improved obviously. At present, there is still room for optimization in the electrical control system of trackless machine tools. It can be seen that the electrical system design of trackless machine tools is very important for the improvement of machinery and manufacturing technology and the development of machining industry. This paper summarizes the use properties of PLC, analyzes the composition of electrical control system of machine tools from two aspects of basic structure and special structure, points out the design points of electrical control system, and studies the design and application of electrical control system through hardware control and software control.


Trackless Machine Tool, Electrical Control System, Design