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Research on Simultaneous Transmission of Signal and Energy for Wireless Video Transmission

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.118


Li Ang, Zheng Baoyu, Li Lei

Corresponding Author

Li Ang


With the rapid development of wireless mobile services and video compression methods, the technology of using wireless network to transmit real-time video streams has attracted people's attention. Limited by the capability of wireless communication technology, wireless video signal and energy simultaneous transmission technology, especially mobile-based wireless video, has not been effectively applied. Especially in the wireless transmission environment, the video transmission rate is low, and the motion characteristic data is the main proportion in the code stream. The forward prediction mechanism of the existing rate control technology can not effectively track the changes of object motion in video sequences. Combining relay technology and cooperative communication technology, this paper studies the interruption performance of the wireless network with energy collection and double relay cooperative transmission. The solution proposed in this paper can overcome the existing problems, and combine the wireless broadband network and video signal with each other.


Wireless Video Transmission, Simultaneous Interpreting, Wireless Broadband Network