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Application of IOT Technology in Intelligent Kitchen System

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.111


Xue Dong

Corresponding Author

Xue Dong


Computer network technology has been widely used in all departments of the company, especially the IOT technology in food testing now. Because of the convenience brought by network information technology, the staff have greatly improved their work efficiency, and network technology plays a great role in the construction of enterprises. It is the inevitable trend of enterprise fine management to make use of computer processing technology to make the enterprise information construction as the breakthrough point to carry on the effective reform. In order to meet the basic requirements of enterprise product quality, the measurement management work of the enterprise must be done well, because the measurement work is the premise demand that can help the enterprise to develop steadily. Also, this paper discusses and studies the application of IOT technology in intelligent kitchen system, hoping to provide scientific and effective methods for food inspection department and provide strong guarantee for people's food health.


IOT Technology, Intelligent Kitchen, System Application