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Discussions on the Prediction of Fatigue Life of Mechanical Structure and the Reliability Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.08


Guoli Sun

Corresponding Author

Guoli Sun


In this paper, the main methods of fatigue life prediction of mechanical structure are discussed. The necessity of predicting the fatigue life of mechanical structure is presented from the point of view of fracture mechanics. The damage tolerance is introduced, and the safety evaluation and analysis of mechanical structure fatigue life prediction the outline design is given. Aiming at the rotor type mechanical structure product, the reliability design problem of the predetermined service life of the mechanical structure in the design stage is discussed. Based on the probability distribution of fatigue strength under the specified life of P-S-N curve, the probability distribution function of mechanical structure under different working loads is obtained through experiments according to the theory of stress intensity interference, the mechanical structure product design the calculation method, as well as in the specified life of the mechanical junction of high reliability design.


Mechanical structure, Fatigue life, Reliability method, Life prediction.