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Study on Low Temperature Heating Characteristics of Low Temperature Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System for New Energy Vehicle

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.106


Liangsheng Lan

Corresponding Author

Liangsheng Lan


Comparing the low temperature heating performance of air conditioning system with that of ordinary heat pump units, the former can operate in the low temperature heating range above minus 15 degrees Celsius, the compressor exhaust temperature is controlled between 56.3 degrees Celsius and 83 degrees Celsius, the heating capacity of the unit is increased by 17%, and the energy efficiency 0 degrees Celsius, the energy efficiency can be improved to 21%. The problem of high exhaust temperature under low temperature condition of air supply and roasting heat pump is solved, and the serious attenuation of heating performance is restrained. This thesis focuses on the research on the low temperature heating characteristics of the new energy vehicle gas supply enthalpy low temperature heat pump air conditioning system.


New Energy Vehicle, Enthalpy Type of Gas Supply, Low Temperature Heat Pump Air Conditioning System, Low Temperature Heating, Characteristics