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Theoretical and Experimental Study on Mechanical Model of Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.104


Lingyong Liu

Corresponding Author

Lingyong Liu


Among the piezoelectric intelligent materials, piezoelectric ceramic is a representative material, whose advantages are embodied in the integration of sensor and driver. The sensor has the function of PZT sensor, which is mainly used in structure detection and health monitoring. The sensor can not only respond quickly, but also has a good linear relationship, with low energy consumption and low consumption components. It is very easy to process and shape it. However, in the specific application summary, especially in the monitoring of concrete structure, due to the complex boundary conditions of PZT sensor itself, the stress situation is also very complex, so the theoretical analysis of PZT sensor is difficult to achieve high accuracy. It is generally believed that there is a close relationship between the pressure of PZT sensor and the output voltage, but other factors, such as rubber layer, are not recognized. In view of the gap between the current piezoelectric ceramic sensor research and the actual. This paper focuses on the mechanical model theory and experiment of piezoelectric ceramic sensor.


Piezoelectric Ceramics, Mechanical Model of Sensor, Theory, Experiment