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Application of BIM+ Block Chain Technology in Construction Industry Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.102


Kang Jing

Corresponding Author

Kang Jing


With the continuous development of the times and the continuous progress of science and technology, all walks of life in China have also realized the comprehensive construction of information technology. Under the influence of the scale of modern urbanization construction and the expanding scope of economic construction, the construction industry has also ushered in the spring of development, and the economic benefits of the construction industry have been greatly increased. According to the trend of economic benefits, the construction industry continuously carries on the research of high and new technology, and the BIM technology fusion block chain technology is developed and applied in this context. BIM technology is based on computing technology ,3 D three-dimensional technology and modern communication technology based on the system construction and wide application, and in the modern industrial development cluster and industrial chain management concept gradually occurred integration, and realized the combination and application of block chain technology, the construction industry is truly linked to achieve the overall industrialization development.


BIM+, Blockchain Technology, Construction Industry Informatization, Application