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An Empirical Analysis on the Influence of "Internet +" on the Information Construction of Financial Management in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.099


Yunrui Ji, Yinghong Tian, Wenhong Mi, Na Xiong, Yilian Li

Corresponding Author

Yilian Li


The rapid development of social economy and science and technology in China has promoted the popularization of information digital technology in various industries, and colleges and universities in China have also begun to vigorously promote the construction of information technology. In recent years, the reform and development of colleges and universities in China is rapid, and the information construction of financial management is imminent. With the help of "Internet +" information technology, financial management in colleges and universities can be more efficient and improve the quality of financial management. This paper analyzes and expounds the significance and characteristics of financial management informatization in colleges and universities, combined with the practical experience of information construction.


Internet +, Universities, Financial Management, Information Construction, Impact