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Application Strategy of Laser Welding and Cutting Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.07


Teng Wan

Corresponding Author

Teng Wan


As an advanced manufacturing technology, laser processing technology has been widely used in various industries. Although the technology of laser welding and cutting has made great progress in China, there is still a big gap in the application of laser welding and cutting in automobile manufacture compared with foreign developed countries. At present, it is mainly to introduce complete sets of laser processing equipment, production lines and technologies for welding and cutting automobile welding panels and body components. Some manufacturers directly import parts and components from foreign laser processing, which will hinder the application and popularization of laser and reduce the level of laser industrialization. Based on the author's study and practical experience, this paper first analyzed the laser processing technology in automobile manufacturing, then discussed the specific application of laser processing in automobile manufacturing, and finally summarized the application of new welding technology in automobile manufacturing.


Automobile manufacture, Laser welding, Laser cutting, Application.