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Energy Saving Mechanism of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.085


Bailing Nie, Lirong Tan, Yudong Liu

Corresponding Author

Bailing Nie


Because of the rapid pace of scientific development in China, it also improves the network energy saving technology in China. Of course, when the level of information technology in China reaches a certain height, there will inevitably be network energy saving technology. The technology of our country network develops more and more mature, so there are more fields and network energy saving technology to achieve close cooperation, which not only makes the development of various fields favorable network energy saving technology after better and better, but also greatly improves the utilization rate of network energy saving technology. Nowadays many industries in our country use sensor technology in network energy saving mechanism. This technology has developed rapidly and better in China's modern information science technology, especially in the application of network energy saving mechanism, which can effectively promote the development level of network energy saving mechanism in China. Therefore, it is the center of this article to ensure the normal operation of sensor technology in the network energy-saving mechanism.


Particle Swarm Optimization, Wireless Sensor, Network Energy Saving Mechanism