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Research on Information Management Mechanism of Archives Management Based on Dynamically Running Complex System—Taking Qingdao University Material Science Training Platform as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.069


Shujing Yang, Yuwei Liu, Chao Yang

Corresponding Author

Shujing Yang


Information management of archives is of great significance in ensuring the normal operation of the dynamic and complex system of the international training platform for deep integration of obstetrics, science and education and effective implementation of practical teaching. This paper studies the existing problems of archive information management of the dynamic and complex system of the training platform, and explores the countermeasures to realize its archive management information management. The results show that: the practice platform dynamic and complex system realizes the information management of archives, there are problems of the complexity of the elements of archive information, the diversity of archive collection and collation, and the strong dependence on archive information management mechanism; the countermeasures to achieve its archive management information management are: Accurately sort out the relationship between various archive elements, design a reasonable archive information management system, and establish a scientific archive information management mechanism.


Complex System, Dynamic Archives, Informationization, Management Mechanism