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Analysis and Practice of Distribution Operation and Maintenance Integration with the Aim of Improving Lean Management

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.065


Junpeng Zhu, Xinyuan Ge, Rui Xie, Zheng Sun, Xincheng Zheng

Corresponding Author

Junpeng Zhu


In power system, distribution line and related equipment are important components of power system and play an extremely important role in power system. To ensure the normal operation of power system, it is necessary to strengthen the management of distribution lines and related equipment. In the environment of market-oriented development of distribution lines and equipment, the operation and maintenance work of distribution becomes more and more complicated. In order to improve the quality of management and realize lean management, it is imperative to promote the integrated development of distribution operation and maintenance. This paper aims at improving lean management, carries on the thorough research and analysis to the distribution operation and maintenance integration, and puts forward the scientific and reasonable suggestion on the basis of practice, in order to promote the deepening development of distribution integration in our country, play an important role in promoting the use.


Lean Management, Distribution, Operation and Maintenance, Integration