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Design of High Trust Embedded Operating System Based on Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.059


Qinmin Ma

Corresponding Author

Qinmin Ma


With the rapid development of information technology, the concept of "all the Internet" is becoming more and more popular, and the requirements of people for artificial intelligence equipment need to be solved urgently. Therefore, it has become an important research direction of intelligent home system to realize intelligent monitoring of home environment from the user's needs. Through the research of artificial intelligence system, the traditional home monitoring system has a single function, low efficiency, high false alarm rate and high maintenance cost. It is difficult to combine with Internet technology well, make family and environment at ease, and make family environment safer. Comfort and convenience. In order to solve these problems, taking the family living environment as the application background, a practical solution of artificial intelligence remote monitoring system is provided. Users can monitor home information through web browser at any time to meet the needs of comfort and safety of users in the home environment.


Artificial Intelligence, Embedded, Web Server