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Design of Embedded Network Database Encryption System Based on BS Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.058


Qinmin Ma

Corresponding Author

Qinmin Ma


With the rapid development of Internet, government, enterprises and individuals will produce a large number of data, most of which will be stored in the database. In particular, governments and enterprises that create state secrets and trade secrets have become an important topic in the field of information security. To ensure the security of database has become a problem that must be faced. Due to the initial sensitivity and aperiodicity of chaos, there is a natural connection between chaos and cipher. The pseudo-random sequence generated by chaos has a good application prospect in the field of information encryption. Based on these related research background, chaos encryption is applied in the field of database information security, a new database cracking scheme is proposed, and a database chaos encryption system based on B / S structure is designed and installed.


B / S, Embedded, Network Database