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Research on Computer Network Security and Network Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.057


Jiyong Li

Corresponding Author

Jiyong Li


Since the 21st century, computer and network technology have developed rapidly. The information age has gradually penetrated into all aspects of human existence and life, the development of the network has had an unprecedented impact on human life, and has gradually become a necessary part of people's life. At the same time, the security problems of computer network are gradually revealed, which has caused a series of troubles to human use of computer network, which makes human sometimes can not use the network technology normally and smoothly. Most of these problems are caused by the problems of computer network itself, which leads to the computer network extremely vulnerable to various attacks. This paper discusses various problems existing in computer network security, and makes more in-depth research and analysis on some common network security technologies, so as to provide the necessary guarantee for computer network security.


Computer Network, Network Security, Security Issues, Network Technology