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Design of Internet of Things Information Interactive Perception System Based on 5G Mobile Communication Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.053


Ruihua Shi

Corresponding Author

Ruihua Shi


In recent years, with the continuous reform and progress of Internet technology and computer technology, mobile communication technology also has a cross era development. Now, human society is stepping into the 5g mobile information age, and the Internet of things is also born. The Internet of things mainly deals with the communication and connection between things, mainly using 5g mobile communication technology, which is conducive to solving the problem of things The barrier between communication and connection is also the direction often discussed in many fields of modern society. This paper mainly introduces the network characteristics of 5g technology, and then analyzes the role of 5g technology in the development of the Internet of things, hoping to help people from the Internet of things industry.


5G Mobile Communication, Internet of Things, Development of the Times