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Study on Dust Control Technology of Coal Port

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.051


Huihui Hu

Corresponding Author

Huihui Hu


The port loading and unloading mainly includes ten leading commodities such as coal, iron ore, container, food, liquid chemical industry and petroleum, including coal, iron ore, grain and other stocks with light qualification, which are often placed in the storage and transportation links during the loading and unloading process, such as stamping, storage yard, ship unloader, etc., and the location of the unloading point of the transportation belt, etc., will be accompanied by serious dust pollution, especially in the windy season. The diffusion and diffusion of port dust in the atmosphere is the main cause of the pollution of suspended solids. In order to further improve the ambient air quality of Rizhao City, avoid the harm of dust to the production personnel and unnecessary loss of equipment and facilities, the environmental protection department has studied the port dust control technology to realize the rationality, safety and economy of production.


Port, Dust control, Technical research