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Research on Core Application Indicators of Educational Informatization in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.045



Corresponding Author



As an important means to evaluate the development level of educational informatization in China, the index system of educational informatization development is a basic problem in the process of formulating educational informatization policies and studying development strategies. In order to guide the healthy and rapid development of informatization in colleges and universities, it is necessary to evaluate the level of informatization in colleges and universities accurately and reasonably. In this paper, through interviews and investigations of experts, the evaluation index of university informatization is constructed, and the weight of each index is determined by using expert scoring method and analytic hierarchy process, thus forming an effective evaluation index system of university informatization, and the connotation and evaluation criteria of each index are explained. It makes a useful exploration for building a comprehensive evaluation system of multiple indicators that comprehensively, objectively and accurately reflects the construction of educational informatization.


Educational informationization, University evaluation system, Index system