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Development Direction of Automation Based on Machine Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.044


Chongyang Xu

Corresponding Author

Chongyang Xu


With the further maturity and wide application of robot technology, multi-information fusion technology and industrial fieldbus technology, automated production lines are also developing towards high automation, high intelligence and high integration. Machine vision is highly valued by engineering circles because of its fast, real-time and non-contact characteristics. It is too difficult to manually monitor the object recognition in workplaces which are significantly affected by the environment, but it is very convenient to use machine vision technology to recognize the object, which can also make up for various defects of manual monitoring, effectively improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save human resources. In order to avoid the potential loss and harm caused by faults, it is necessary to carefully and closely monitor the status of the automatic production line, and give fault diagnosis quickly and accurately when faults occur. In this paper, the principle of machine vision and its application in automatic production line are analyzed on the basis of summarizing the current methods of state detection and fault diagnosis in automatic production line. Finally, the development direction of machine vision is introduced.


Machine vision, Automation, Monitoring, Production line