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Design and Implementation of Food and Beverage Platform System Based on Java

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.042


Xuhai Wang, Fengyun Liang

Corresponding Author

Xuhai Wang


In China, the catering industry plays a vital role in the growth of GDP. The catering industry is a rapidly developing industry in society today. To occupy a favorable position in the competitive market, we must standardize scientific management and strengthen service construction. The main determinant of the operation status of the catering enterprise is the scientific management of daily affairs. The main goal of the catering platform system based on JAVA is standardization and automated management. It can not only completely replace the original manual catering management method, but also prevent the occurrence of problems caused by management personnel due to wrong management and wrong operation of service personnel. Effective management tools and management.


Catering management, Database management system, Catering platform system, Java